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Focus on the three giants, learn more about fan knowledge

Industry Application Category of Three Giant Heat Dissipation Fans

Back to list Release date: Sep 19, 2019

Three Giant Cooling Fan Industry Application Categories

1.UPS uninterruptible power supply chassis, with large demand and stable orders, can be used as a key development industry. Well-known enterprises and other manufacturers in this industry all use San Ju AC fans, which are widely accepted in this industry.

2.elevator controller, which requires complete certification, has UL/CCC/TUV certification and other certifications.Three large parts of products have passed safety regulations certification by large companies and meet the requirements and standards of the industry.The manufacturers that have cooperated include Hitachi Elevator and Berlin Elevator

3.Freezers, chillers and beer machines are in great demand and require moisture-proof, fog-proof and long service life. Can be used as a key development industry.

4.Glass machinery and fans are applied to glass mechanical tempering furnaces.Most of them use large models with large heat generation.Currently, the cooperative enterprises include Ohm glass machinery, Randy glass machinery, Beipo glass machinery, etc.

5.Medical equipment requires low noise and long service life.Usually, small models of 8-9cm are selected.According to personal previous quotation experience, end users in this industry can accept higher prices. (5-10 points higher than other industries)

6.Welding machines, small-sized welding machines have low product value (less than 1,000 yuan) and prefer low-quality and low-cost fans.   Large welding machines have large calorific value and high requirements for fans.They require high temperature resistant fans.1238 is usually selected.A large welding machine is equipped with 8-12 1238 fans.

7.Switching Power Supply (High Power Switching Power Supply) 


9.communications equipment

10.Logistics equipment

11 Injection Molding Machines \ Bottle Blowing Machines (Injection Molding Industry)

12.Photovoltaic Inverter

13.Solder Paste Scanning Equipment

14.Dispensing machine



17.textile machine control cabinet \ textile direct twisting machine

18.Warm air blower

19.Winding machine

20.Air conditioning power cabinet on train (motor car)

21.Terminal unit

Engraving machine


24.Charging pile

25.Car seat cushion

26.Aging houses

27.purification equipment  Air purifier  Purification unit

28.Beauty equipment

29.Stage lighting equipment

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