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Computer case with panel capable of installing heat dissipation fans of various specifications

Back to list Release date: Sep 19, 2019

in the existing computer case, each component can only be equipped with at most one kind of cooling fan of 80, 90CM or 80, 90, 120, 140CM in the same center, and cannot be compatible with four of 80, 90, 120, 140CM cooling fan . Users don't feel inconvenience.

the purpose of this article is to provide a computer chassis that can be compatible with at least three sizes of cooling fans in the same center.

the aim of this paper can be achieved by designing a computer case with a panel capable of mounting various specifications of heat dissipation fans, which comprises a case body and a panel mounted on the case body, wherein a vent is arranged on the panel, and at least three types of specification of cooling fan mounting holes.

the installation specifications of ventilation and heat dissipation fans in this paper can be selected from the specified four types of heat dissipation fans according to the needs of users, so as to meet some of the needs of users.

this article will be further described below with reference to examples.

as shown in fig.1 and fig.2, a computer chassis with a panel capable of mounting various specifications of heat dissipation fans comprises a box body 1 and a panel 2 mounted on the box body, wherein a vent 3 is arranged on the panel, the center of the vent 3 is the center point, and fans of at least three specifications mounting hole 4. After selecting the specifications of the heat dissipation fan, it is fixed to the panel 2 by fasteners 6.

the panel 2 is one of a front panel, a rear panel and a side panel. The heat dissipation fan is usually installed on the front panel or the rear panel. Fig.1 shows the rear panel, and figs.2 and 3 show the front panel.

as shown in fig.3, the specification of the heat dissipation fan is one of 80, 90, 120 and 140 centimeters, and the heat dissipation fan 5 is fixed on the panel 2 through fasteners 6. The 140 cm heat dissipation fan used in this embodiment.

the fastener 6 is a screw and the cooling fan mounting hole 4 is a screw hole. The fastening member 6 adopts screws in a common manner.

a cover suitable for the 80 or 90 cm heat dissipation fan is also arranged, the outer edge size of the cover is the same as that of the vent 3, the size of the middle opening is matched with the outer edge size of the 80 or 90 cm heat dissipation fan, and the cover is formed by fasteners are fixed on the panel.

as shown in figs.1 and 2, the vent 3 is composed of a plurality of small holes. The ventilation openings of the existing chassis are usually provided with F small hole groups at the openings to achieve the purpose of ventilation. It can also be in the form of a large hole.

as shown in fig.2, the cooling fan mounting holes 4 are provided with four in each specification and are distributed at four corners. The existing radiating fans are all provided with mounting through holes at four corners, so the mounting holes 4 on the panel correspond to the mounting through holes of the radiating fans.

in this paper, the installation holes of four heat dissipation fans with different specifications are preset on the panel, which is convenient for users to choose without turning the holes separately.

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