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Focus on the three giants, learn more about fan knowledge

Three Giant Motor Cooling Fan Application Solution-LED Lighting Industry

Back to list Release date: Nov 23, 2018

With the withdrawal of incandescent lamps from the historical stage, LED lamps have been widely used.

LED is simply a light emitting diode, a solid semiconductor device capable of converting electric energy into visible light, which can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, one end of which is attached to a support, one end is a negative electrode, and the other end is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply, so that the whole chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin.

Advantages of LED Lamp:

1.Environmental protection and energy saving:The energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamp and 1/4 of that of energy saving lamp.Harmful substances without mercury are very environmental friendly.

2.Long service life:the service life can reach more than 100,000 hours.

3.Can work at high speed:If the energy-saving lamp is turned on or off frequently, the filament will be blackened and quickly broken, so it is safer.

4.Easy transportation and installation:Solid state packaging, which belongs to cold light source type. Therefore, it is well transported and installed, can be installed in any miniature and enclosed equipment, and is not afraid of vibration.

5.LED technology is progressing with each passing day, its luminous efficiency is making an amazing breakthrough, and its price is also decreasing. An era of white LED entering the family is rapidly approaching.

6.Integrated design of lens and lampshade. The lens has the functions of light gathering and protection at the same time, thus avoiding the repeated waste of light and making the product more concise and beautiful.

Disadvantages of LED lamp:

1, the problem of heat dissipation, if poor heat dissipation will greatly shorten the life.

2.The power saving performance of low-end LED lamps is still lower than that of energy-saving lamps ( cold cathode tubes, CCFL ).

3.The initial purchase cost is higher.

4.Due to the strong directivity of LED light source, the lamp design needs to consider the special optical characteristics of LED.

In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation in the led lighting industry, we have provided professional industry solutions in Taiwan's San Jus . Ensure the safety and stability of your products and programs. We implement Personal Tailor according to different industries and different working environments. To provide you with the best quality products and services.

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