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Detailed explanation of fan blades of cooling fan

Back to list Release date: Sep 17, 2018

        The efficiency of the industrial cooling fan mainly depends on the diameter and axial length of the fan blades, the rotating speed of the fan, the shape and angle of the fan blades and other factors. Generally speaking, industrial cooling fans with fewer blades tend to generate larger wind pressure, but the operating noise is also larger. The opposite is true for cooling fans with more blades.

Blade shape of industrial cooling fan

        The blade shape of the cooling fan includes sickle type, trapezoid type and folding edge type of AVC patent. Relatively speaking, the sickle-shaped fan blades are relatively stable and quiet in operation, but the wind pressure generated is also small. Trapezoidal fan blades are easy to generate large wind pressure, but the noise is also large. The folded edge type is the best design, which can generate large wind pressure while keeping low noise, but it is currently only used in AVC's own cooling fan products. At present, the design of sickle type is seen more frequently.

        A well-designed industrial cooling fan blade can produce a large output of air volume and wind pressure at a low fan speed, while not producing too much noise. In addition to the shape, the angle of blade inclination is also very important and should be designed according to the characteristics of the motor and the needs of heat dissipation objects. Otherwise, simply pursuing a large blade inclination angle may result in a large wind noise and a small wind force of the cooling fan.

Influence of Fan Blade Parameters on Fan Function

        The greater the curvature of the blade, the greater the kinetic energy of the gas at the opposite rotational speed, that is, the greater the air volume and air pressure. At the same time, the more resistance the blade is subjected to, the more torque the request motor will have.

        It can be seen that the design of cooling fan blades has a great influence on the industrial cooling fan. In fact, every industrial cooling fan manufacturer has its own fan blade design method, and each design method is also obtained through a large number of experimental data, so it can be said that the complexity is very high. When selecting fans, users can select fans with corresponding parameters according to their product needs.

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