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Talent recruitment

Back to list Release date: Sep 21, 2020

Zhao  Hire

The factory's automatic production mode, which mainly produces cooling fans, is now expanding its business and needs to urgently recruit the following personnel:

I.procurement:1 member  Female  Senior high school or above, aged 30-40 (married) with more than 5 years working experience in hardware and electronics industry                                                                                                                                   

1.Purchasing experience in large factories and enterprises is preferred; Familiar with purchasing process, good communication ability, negotiation ability and cost consciousness, good professional ethics and accomplishment. 5 days and 8 hours, salary interview.

II.Business Assistant:female:20-35 years old, with a high school degree or above, proficient in office software and ERP system, RMA processing and coordination after sales; Careful and meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination ability and team spirit can carry out the work instructions of superior leaders. 5 days and 8 hours, salary interview.

III.Quality Inspection (IPQC):female, 1, under 35 years old

Mainly responsible for inspection of production line, with education above junior high school level and working experience. The salary is base salary+overtime pay+job allowance.

Four, general workers:men and women are not limited, many, 18-45 years old

Practical work, strong sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good health, with or without work experience.

Five, white night shift general worker:male  2  18-40 years old  Basic salary:2500 yuan/month, shift every half month, night shift subsidy:25 yuan/day, practical, strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, good health, work experience is preferred.

Salary and treatment:long day shift, hourly system, basic basic salary 2200+ overtime pay+special post subsidy, purchase of social security five insurances. The five-day eight-hour system, the rest of the time are calculated on the basis of overtime, the company covers and provides food;

18.97 yuan/hour overtime from Monday to Friday

Interested parties please go to the fourth floor of Building A of Innovation Industrial Park for an interview. Contact:Wu 'S 27993158/28035670

Note:As long as you provide proof of 14 days' residence in Shenzhen, you will be employed. (You can check the code scanned by your mobile phone)

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