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Taiwan sanju Electric share installation method of automobile cooling fan

Back to list Release date: Aug 17, 2018

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, in electronic products, the cooling fan uses forced heat convection to dissipate heat.by virtue of its guiding function, the air can achieve cooling effect through heat exchange between air and cooling fins in a certain speed and other ways, automobile cooling fan is also used in automobile installation.generally, the correct installation of the automobile cooling fan is beneficial to better display the cooling performance of the automobile engine and prevent malfunction, then you Let's tell you the following by TaiWan SAN JU International Electrical Machinery CO.,LTD.

 automotive radiator fan

Installation method of automobile cooling fan;

First, when installing a car cooling fan, no gap can be left between the cooling fan and the panel.if there is a gap left, the cooling effect of the fan will be affected.

Second, the mounting hole of the cooling fan should be larger than the diameter of the fan so as to have enough space to mount the fan in.

3.please keep away from the cooled body as far as possible when inhaling at the side of the cooling fan.

Fourth, the rapid change of fan direction and cross-sectional area will reduce the cooling effect, so please try to avoid this kind of situation.

5.install using one-sided flange surface ( one-sided flange installation ), and install using through bolts ( flange installation on both sides ).when installing flanges on both sides, please fix the cabinet so that it does not change.

TaiWan SAN JU International Electrical Machinery CO.,LTD. warm tips:the above contents are the installation methods of automobile cooling fans.there are several types of cooling fans, including axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans and cross flow fans, and each installation method is different. Therefore, consumers need to polish their eyes and carefully screen them.

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