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How to test the startup of the cooling fan

Back to list Release date: Sep 04, 2018

The cooling fan is commonly used in our industrial production and can be found everywhere in various mechanical equipment.the following small edition will show you how to correct make sure to test how the cooling fan is turned on:

1.Starting voltage:the voltage at which the DC fan can be started after the switch " ON" is turned on

2.Locking current:the fan that can lock the machine.Locking current is measured in fresh air for 3 minutes

3.Noise standard:The noise standard test is carried out according to DIN 45635 standard, and the measurement is carried out in a sound insulation room, with the microphone placed at one meter of the DC fan

4.Air flow data and pressure data are determined according to " AMCA Standard" or DIN 24163 Rules.The data measurement is performed in a double pressure chamber and

It is necessary to measure the pressure data on each side of the pressure chamber.

5.Speed:The speed is measured after 3 minutes of continuous rotation

6.Current:The current is measured after 3 minutes of continuous rotation

7.Input power:The input power is measured after 3 minutes of continuous rotation.

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